Orange Salt Scrub - Muscle Relief Scent

  • $ 29.95

Florida Salt Scrubs Orange Scent

Do you like wonderfully memorable gifts?  How about a gift for yourself or a special person that leaves skin feeling ecstatically smooth, with a delightful scent and infusion of skin-healthy Coconut Oil?

This gift offers a premium skin experience for Family, Neighbors, Friends, Best Friends Forever, Host & Hostess and co-workers.  A welcome gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day and Appreciation.  Delight visitors with a jar in your guest bathroom.

A must have for Orange lovers everywhere! The original Florida Salt Scrubs - Orange Salt Scrub! This Orange salt scrub smells so good it's like being in the middle of a Florida Orange orchid.  Orange scent is known for its ability to affect moods and to lower high blood pressure. In fact, just sniffing it can lower blood pressure a couple points. It's also used as a sedative; and to relieve muscle spasms, cramping, and indigestion.

Experience Florida Orange salt scrub for yourself today. Made from the finest natural ingredients which include 100% real Orange make this a Florida must have. Whether you live here, have visited or want to visit, this is something that belongs in your bathroom. This small batch, hand crafted sea salt hand and body scrub will gently exfoliate your skin and have it feeling silky smooth, rejuvenated, and leaving it with an absolutely wonderful Orange scent.

Perfect for: lovers of Orange, gifts, weddings, events, and more. Locals here in Florida often buy several of the 2.9 oz jars for a "gift of Florida" to out of town visitors. 

Available in 2.9, 12.1 and 24.2 oz jars with wooden stirring spoon.  The 2.9 oz jars comply with TSA carry-on rules.



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