Florida Glow Spray Lotion - Lemongrass Scent

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Florida Glow Spray Lotion Moisturizer - Lemongrass Scent

A gift that offers a healthy spray moisturizer for Family, Neighbors, Friends, Best Friends Forever, Host & Hostess and co-workers.  A welcome gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day and Appreciation. 



The power of Aromatherapy with Lemongrass Essential Oil comes together with Coconut Oil  to create a Spray Lotion unlike anything you probably have ever experienced. It makes your skin feel smooth and soft while moisturizing and hydrating.

  • For use   anywhere on your body, hands, feet and legs
  • Use after the shower, after the beach, after being in the sun or anytime your want beautifully smooth, moisturized and nourished skin

Florida Glow   was designed around the principles of Aromatherapy along with those of skin moisturizing and nourishment.

  • Made with anti-oxidant rich Coconut Oil
  • Made with real   Lemongrass – having an absolutely amazing herbal scent!
  • Lemongrass is known, natural way to repel mosquitos and other flying insects

Anyone and everyone who appreciates    Lemongrass   products will certainly appreciate their bottle of   Lemongrass   Florida Glow. It’s as authentic and wonderful as it gets!

Did you know..? In addition to the positive and uplifting effects    Lemongrass   has on the mood, it is also used as a natural remedy to help reduce the effects of wrinkles by tightening the skin and cleansing the pores making the skin feel clean, fresh and revitalized. The scent also helps to keep away pesky mosquitos!!

Like all   Florida Salt Scrubs products, our   Lemongrass    Florida Glow spray lotion is made from only the HIGHEST quality all natural ingredients.

Bottles contain 2.0oz (60mL)

How to use Spray Lotion (directions):
1. Spray on skin 
2. Gently rub in 
3. Wait 10 seconds while it quickly absorbs 
4. Now enjoy wonderfully moisturized and hydrated skin that smells delicious!



Like all Florida Salt Scrubs products, our Coconut Florida Glow is made from only the HIGHEST quality ingredients.



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